Project Description
The SSIS2014 Downgrade application will downgrade your SQL Server Integration Services 2014 packages to SQL Server Integration Services 2012 packages.

The application will convert as many Element Types and Components as possible, but this is expandable by modifying two XML files that contains the mappings for Element Types and Components. Your SSIS 2014 packages will remain untouched by the downgrade process, as downgraded packages are written to a user defined destination folder.

The Visual Studio Solution is split into two projects. There is a project for the Windows Forms application that provides a user interface to the downgrade process and there is also a separate project that contains the assembly that contains the program code for the downgrade process. It is possible to use the downgrade assembly in your own projects.

SSIS2014 Downgrade is very easy to use, you simply select one or more dtsx files to convert, select an output folder and click the button to start the conversion process. A full breakdown of executing the conversion process is available on the documentation page. Details of the mapping XML files is also given.

Credit must definitely be given for this application to Vanie Castro. Without his brilliant work in researching how to downgrade packages, this would never have been written, I am simply taking what he has worked hard on and automated it. Vanie's original post on this subject can be found at


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